Terms of Service

While we are not completely niave to the position we're in to have a Terms of Service, we like to set appropriate expectations so everyone can have an enjoyable experience.

Best Effort

We work our asses off. Just trust us on that one.


We are not in control of the feeds that are provided. Each feed is provided to us by each league's official service. The feeds that are available on HeheStreams are the feeds that are available from the official service.

Archives are guaranteed to be available for the current calendar season. This may change at any time.

Unsupported devices

Unsupported devices: XboxOne, Xbox360, Playstation 3, Playstation 4. All other devices are supported.

Smart-TV playback

Playback on the browser of Smart TVs is not officially supported. Chromecast and AirPlay are not considered Smart-TV playback.


Kodi, Roku, Plex, and AppleTV support is provided by the community and are not officially-supported. Their playback compatibility may fail at any time.

Account Sharing

You should not share with LeBron, your flatmates, sister, brother, son, daughter, father, etc. Account sharers will first be warned. Habitual, repeat offenders may have ir subscriptions suspended and/or voided.

Invalid Orders

If you submit an order that is intentionally invalid in an attempt to circumnavigate our subscription methods, any and all your subscriptions will become immediately void if we suspect deception.


Yes, we actually offer refunds. If you haven't completely abused our service during your subscription period (scraping, rebroadcasting, etc.), and you've attempted to resolve any technical issues in Chat, you're eligible for a refund for 3 days after your subscription started.

Refunds are not available if you're dissatisfied with player features or the feeds we provide, as we provide the same feeds with the same features that the official service does.

Refunds will be offered via the payment method. Bitcoin is refunded via bitcoin for the dollar amount in USD. Amazon.com gift card is refunded via Amazon.com gift card.

Upon receiving a refund, any bonus weeks received will be vacated and you will be issued an amount equal to time remaining less the time used, calculated using the subscription time model.


Any additional services provided by HeheStreams that is not inclusive of live streaming of events and archived content inside the web browser is considered an "extra". This includes but is not limited to direct link support, Kodi support, Plex support, Roku support, and channels, and may disappear or be otherwise unavailable at any time.

Account sharing / multiple devices

Only one device may be watching live games at one time (per sport); up to 3 devices may be watching archived content at the same time (per sport). This is not extendable across sports.

Privacy Policy

Assume we're tracking your every move.

We track every action you do on our website for analytical purposes (we are nerds) and to protect and maintain the integrity of the platform. We do not and will not ever sell or otherwise transfer any account-related or otherwise personally-identifiable information to any third-party.