How to freeze your subscription

In short: You can't. Because we do it for you!

HeheStreams effectively automatically freezes all subscriptions after champion is named!

When you sign up for HeheStreams, you buy a number of days (packaged in weeks). We add those days to your subscription, but only it as a day we "added" if that date is inside the regular or playoff periods of a sport's season.

Example below:

  • You purchase 5 weeks (35 days) of NFL on January 31
  • The season ends on February 7 (Super Bowl)
  • The next season starts on September 1
  • Your subscription would start on January 31
  • Your subscription would end on September 28

We hate service providers that leave the work up to us — after all, we're quite forgetful humans. And because we treat our users the way we want to be treated, we take care of this for you.

Best part? Offseason and preseason access is included.

Oh, and if you do want to freeze your subscription during the season, you can just ask. :)