How HeheStreams handled subscriptions during COVID

When the sports world stopped on March 12, we immediately froze all subscriptions while permitting users to access content normally if their subscription was active.

When the sports world made plans to resume, we recalculated each and every account's subscription and added the number of days lost to it, so the user could enjoy the resumed season.

  • For an NBA subscription that ended on March 19, that user would receive 7 days from the beginning of the resumed season.
  • For an NBA subscription that ended on June 13, that user's subscription would be recalculated to end 93 days after the first day of the resumed season.

For subscriptions that ended after the conclusion of the season, we re-calculated that subscription to account for the resumed season dates in addition to crediting the account for the amount of time lost.

Preparing for the future

If a season is put on hold again, we will be handling the situation the same way as described here.

We stand by our treatment of users per our manifesto.