NFL frequently asked questions

How close are feeds to live?

Same as they are in comparison to NFL Game Pass.

What qualities are available?

Same as NFL Game Pass

Can I pause/rewind? Can I start from the beginning of a live feed?


When are replays available?

Full replays are usually available just a few minutes after the conclusion of the game, but on occasion they take up to 4 hours. Condensed versions are generally available 30 minutes after the full replays are live.

We are at the mercy of NFL Game Pass for replay availability. We do not control when replays are available.

Can I share my account?

HeheStreams maintains a strict and fully-transparent zero-tolerance policy for account sharing. If a user is found to be sharing their account with other parties, or otherwise transmitting their authenticated streams to any third-parties, a warning is immediately issued. If such behavior persists, any and all services may be suspended indefinitely without further warning. You can read our thoughts on account sharing and what it means to receive a warning.