Terms of Service

The terms set herein reflect our expectations for our users and the services we provide to them.

Best effort

We work our asses off. From time to time, services we provide might not work properly, or might not work at all. We are constantly working on improving the site. Sometimes, even big companies have outages, like VISA card network, Microsoft, or Target. Such situations are, unfortunately, unavoidable, but we do take every precaution against them, and when things are not working, we are notified and work expeditiously to solve them.

To date, our uptime is 99.99890674300512% (updated 2021-05-10).


Any video content shown on this website is not hosted by HeheStreams or transmitted by a HeheStreams-controlled server.


HeheStreams will never enforce any blackout policies.

HeheStreams promises that replays will be available for the current calendar season, preseason through championship. Though some sports may have older content shown as available on the site, we make no claims that they will work. Games outside of the preseason through championship schedule may not be available on HeheStreams.

Supported devices

HeheStreams officially supports Google Chrome browser, Apple Safari browser, and Google Chromecast, on devices that support DRM playback. Though other browsers may work without issue, and other devices may work without issue, we are unable to provide warranty for them.

HeheStreams supports its community members efforts to bring HeheStreams to more devices, however, we are unable to provide warranty for these applications and efforts.

Account sharing

HeheStreams maintains systems in place to thwart account abuse on its website to ensure that all members have equal availability and access to content.

  • If any single device is watching a live game, it can be the only device watching any content. This device can watch up to 8 games at once, as it relates to each sport on its account.
  • Up to three devices can be watching games that were concluded on the previous day at a single time.
Referral and bonus credits

Any bonus credit is awarded after purchase and is valid towards any future subscription payment, made against any subscription for any sport unless otherwise noted.

Unless otherwise noted, referral or bonus credits are not valid if redeeming another promotional offer.


HeheStreams will make its best effort to make the platform work for you. If we are unable to do so as covered by this terms of service we will refund you. If your device in question is covered by this terms of service, and is performing poorly, we will do our best to troubleshoot with you. If after troubleshooting we are still unable to make you love HeheStreams, we will refund you.

We are hesitant on providing refunds for reasons that relate to third-party applications, or devices that are not covered by these terms.

Refunds are offered in the form of payment they were originally sent in.


Any live broadcast that is not a scheduled event on a sport team's calendar is considered an "extra" and is not warrantied.