Help, I got a warning!

HeheStreams has preventative measures in place to ensure that everyone is playing fairly and being treated equal (aka not account sharing). I am not Netflix, I am but one person, and account sharing doesn't scale. I have a zero-tolerance policy for account sharing of any kind.

A warning is given to a user when there is a strong indication that a user may be sharing their account with another party, or they may be providing streams to another party that are authenticated into their account. Some examples of this behavior is as follows (but by no means an exhaustive list):

  • Adding other Kodi/Plex/Roku/AppleTV devices witin your own account that are clearly not yours
  • Sharing your password with other parties
  • Chromecasting for your flatmates at home, and then going out to your significant other's house while your flatmate's watch the game
  • Giving a direct link to an unauthorized party
  • "Accidentally" staying logged in at home while you're watching from work

The algorithm in place is rather sophisticated and understands typical user behavior. If you score significantly higher than the majority of the typical user, you may receive a warning. The warning will be sent via email, and you'll also receive a notification on the website.

The warning acts as a deterrant in order to curb this behavior. If you receive a warning, and aggregious behavior continues, your subscription may be suspended without warning until a resolution is made. If, for whatever reason, a user remains negligent, permanent action may be taken to any and all subscriptions of an account and no restoration may be available.

Note: false positives do exist but are very uncommon. If you receive a warning and you're certain I'm mistaken, I am more than welcoming of an explanation so I can fine-tune the algorithm. :)