Account Sharing

I have a very strict please don't account share or you'll incur service interruption policy and there's a ton of machine learning behind the scenes to thwart it. I understand that account sharing is usually an attempt to dilute some of the cost (while not diluting my hard work, or something), but for $3.50 a week if it means that much to someone then they shouldn't be watching sports anyway, frankly.

A line of thinking: Do you go to the little boutique store, ran by an old lady, and steal? No, you do that shit at Walmart.

This isn't Walmart. :(

This is just me, one person, all by myself, making sure that you can enjoy sports on your iPhone and Android and AppleTV and some imported Android box for Kodi; giving you the ability to watch four games at once, or start from the beginning of a game if you come in late because your girl was puking; paying cash under the table to protect myself from Putin himself and other legal obstacles.

And I do all this for your convenience, so you don't have to jump around janky streaming site to janky streaming site each day, or worry about that site going down (been here almost 3 years), or be frustrated when it doesn't play on your PS4, or incur blackouts, or see ads from your retargeted browser history from days that you'd rather forget about.

Subscribers find that $3.50 a week is very affordable (literally $.44 an hour, on average, per subscriber when they watch it 8 hours a week). If this is out of your reach as an individual subscriber I would recommend NBA League Pass which is twice as much for half the features.

The problem with account sharing is that it doesn't scale. If I make an exception for one person, I have to make an exception for many, and I don't know how to say no once I say yes. It's a problem.

It doesn't come down to money as much as it comes down to the experience for other people viewing the game. Then I have more people asking me for support (if they need it), the more server writes and and server reads it takes. You know what I mean? I provide a lot of value, and I don't dilute that value for users regardless of what they pay. Unlike the developers of the official product who don't give a fuck about how many people use their platform (okay, they do a little bit for job security but that's all), I'm 100% effort-based.

Sorry for the tirade :(