HeheStreams vs free streams

Let's compare. We promise we'll be fair, too.

Video quality
  • HeheStreams: 1080p, minimum bitrate of 6000Kbps; select games at 8000Kbps
  • Free streams: A very low 720p, bitrate of usually 2000Kbps to 3000Kbps

Advantage: HeheStreams

Video network
  • HeheStreams: Backed by an enterprise-class content delivery network with over 2700 points of presence
  • Free streams: Varies, sometimes their own, sometimes no CDN, sometimes YouTube/Twitch

Advantage: HeheStreams

Device support
  • HeheStreams: Smartphones, tablets, iPads, laptops, select smart TVs, Roku, Chromecast
  • Free streams: Varies, but common to see things like "no iOS"

Advantage: HeheStreams

Broadcast feeds
  • HeheStreams: All the official broadcast feeds
  • Free streams: Usually streamers choice; sometimes they'll have multiple, sometimes just one

Advantage: HeheStreams

  • HeheStreams: Live and on-demand
  • Free streams: Just live

Advantage: HeheStreams

  • HeheStreams: Nope
  • Free streams: Nope

Advantage: Tie

  • HeheStreams: $9/month for unlimited access. That's less than the price of a good hamburger.
  • Free streams: Free

Advantage: Free streams

Do you value your leisure time at more than $1/hour?

If you answered yes, you need HeheStreams.

  • Watch one 3-hour game per week: $.67/hour
  • Watch two 3-hour games per week: $.33/hour
  • Watch five 3-hour games per week: $.13/hour

It's the best deal in sports. Get it now.