Watching HeheStreams

We're proud to offer a no-configuration-required setup, where all you need is a modern browser.

Have a media center device? Great! We support those too! Read on for instructions.

Watching HeheStreams on Kodi

  • Download the Kodi Plugin
    Get the Kodi plugin. Make sure it's the latest version. For your security, only download it from the singular trusted source, us. Download link available to subscribers only.
  • Install it on your Kodi Instance
    We don't publish our plugin to any repos. How to install add-ons from zip files.
  • Browse Games
    Load it up! It'll be under the Video Add-Ons menu. If you're not a subscriber, you'll still be able to access some of the games marked as free.
  • Activate your device (optional)
    To access all the features that the HeheStreams website offers subscribers, you'll need to activate your device and have an active subscription on HeheStreams. Follow the instructions inside the plugin to activate your device.

Watching HeheStreams on Plex

This plugin supports local servers only. Plex.TV and remote servers are not and will not be supported due to abuse.

Watching HeheStreams on Roku

What follows is a workaround until we officially support Roku. We don't have an official Roku Channel at this time. If you are a Roku developer, please contact us. :)

Hey! The Plex addon works amazingly on Roku. Give it a try!
  • Download a direct link extension
    Download an app or extension that can send a direct link to your Roku. For most people, the Roku URL Player and Remote works great.
  • Find a game
    Find a game you want to watch on the HeheStreams website.
  • Get the direct link
    From the top-most menu, select the "Direct Link" box and choose what feed you want to watch. copy the feed URL that's displayed to your clipboard.
  • Send to Roku
    Enter the URL in the appropriate box of the app or extension you downloaded in #1 and play!