Google made changes to their shit that broke my stuff. They also received a request from a certain league for me to take down my extension.

I have fixed the issue for Chrome 72.

Outdated is below

Link to the Chrome Extension

The HeheStreams Chrome extension is a very simple extension that allows the video player on the HeheStreams website to spoof requests so that they look like they're coming from NBA League Pass.

Why would you need to do this?

HeheStreams doesn't host any files or videos. We simply proxy the authentication and authorization of NBA League Pass. NBA doesn't want us using their stuff so they put in some protections against other servers connecting to their stuff.

So you're using their files?


Then why do I need this extension?

You don't.

Then why's it here?

In order to serve you files from a server we don't have access to, we need to manipulate some of the HTTP requests made to the stream itself. If you don't have this extension, we do this server-side. If you do have this extension, we can do this within Google Chrome.

Is there anything weird in here like a mining script?


Okay, how do I use it?

Just install it. The rest takes care of itself.