Our pay-it-forward initiative

We believe everyone should be able to enjoy HeheStreams, regardless of their ability to afford it. So every sport season, make available a select number of subscriptions to individuals who would incur financial hardship if they were to subscribe. We make these available to good people who do good things, and to those who work hard but see little come of it.

The deal

Depending on how one qualifies, eligible persons are able to receive HeheStreams at a discount of no less than 50% the regular price. In some circumstances, HeheStreams is made available at no tangible cost. Instead, we ask that you pay it forward, by doing good for a stranger.

This deal be valid for one year of service. After one year of service, we truly hope that things have turned around for you. If they haven't, or would face significant financial hardship as a result of paying full price, you are welcome to apply again. If you are able to pay full price, we hope to have you join us (and by doing so, making another HeheCares membership available!)

  • Students with above-average academic grading (calculated to at least 2.8 in American GPA), or,
  • Persons under 25 who are taking care of a loved one who is unable to take care of themselves, or,
  • Single parents who retain majority custody of their child(ren), or,
  • Persons of countries that are otherwise impovershed and are otherwise impovershed, or facing hardships, or,
  • Persons working more than 30 hours per work week and making no more than 25% above local minimum wage
To apply

We are currently out of HeheCares memberships at this time.